It’s been a bit….

Can’t say I could blame you for not remembering that iBikeKern, aka me, Zac Griffin has and have had a blog page…..

See I got, or should I confess, I get burnt out. On people, hype, communications, bicycles, bike racing and bike people just to name a few. I know we all do, nothing new in the “life sucks then you die” category, I’m just putting my failure out there.

I have been doing bicycle advocacy and education for going on 8 years here in Kern County. Sometimes you need a break, so I took one…

But now I’m back!!

Its summer time in Bakersfield and that means it’s hot, hot, hot and occasionally hotter than hell! This also means the 6am weekday and weekend rides are at the larger end of the pendulum swing.

This means a larger mixing of Ride abilities. Always an interesting learning curve for some folks. Little things like when to, wear earbuds, stand up, take a pull, all take time to learn. Remember we all learn at our own rate, and that’s that.

Our local Independence Day Ride was full of these shanangins….. but that’s for a later post.

I will keep my post short tonight, but I will give you some hints and teasers for upcoming blog posts on my recent adventures, local cycling issues and observations.

Upcoming blogs topics:

-the adventures of Nathan’s Ride

-the 6am circle jerk gets some new blood

-Vision Zero Kern, with 22 pedestrian fatalities in 6 months, where are we heading with our roadway safety needs?

-Standard Middle Schools bike education program is back for 2017-18 school year

-Youth Education Scholastic and Sports Inc.(YES Sports) is trainning LA Unified Schools PE teachers on the YES curriculum!

-Tehachapi, Bear Valley and Stallion Springs by bicycle.



Its time for a Vision Zero program here in Kern!

In light of the recent tragic pedestrian collision near Foothill High School, is it time time for Bakersfield and Kern County adopt a roadway safety program to change this tragic climate. We have a population that depends heavily on Active Transportation and can benefit from that said form of transportation, both economically and physically. This connection is vital and is being inhibited by the increase in roadway collisions here in Bakersfield and Kern.

The Vision Zero Initiative is a 30 year old program designed to reduce roadway fatalities to Zero in ten years. It has been adopted in San Fransisco, NYC & most recently in Montana.

Its time for Kern County Residents demand a safer roadway system for all users. Not just the 4000lbs autos, but all users from 8 to 80 years old.

Join us on Face Book at VisionZeroKern, and help make Kern a better place to live!!

June 2nd & 3rd SCNCA Jr’s, Elite’s & Masters Road Race Championships Bakersfield Ca.

Its that time of the year….


June 2nd & 3rd SCNCA District Championships:

Saturday was the Jr Road Race Championships as well as a handful of non-championship races.

Christina Fuentes, Kenyon Pape, Charlie and Parker Rous all took part in the Jr Races. Christina took home an SCNCA State/District Jr Women’s 16-17 Championship. Christina is an Honors student as well and it is great to see her hard work pay off for her! Charlie Rous was 8th in the 12.5 mile 10-12’s & Parker was 11th on the 25mile 13-14’s!! All finished, not sure of all of the places, but from the smile on their faces, I’d say they had fun!

Many other local cyclist through their leg over the bike on Saturday to take on Event Promoter Sam Ames Championship course. I dont have all the placings and names yet, but you know who you are;)

I raced the 30+ cat 3/4/5’s that started at…

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Letter to a little kid

Great article on a very tragic reality of Bike Racing

Cycling in the South Bay

When you grow up you’re going to ask about your father. You’re going to ask how he died. You’re going to feel the wordless pain of going through life without your dad. You’re never going to have the guy who gave you half your blood, half your genes, and all of your heart standing next to you at those moments in life when you most desperately need a father. Little kid, you’ve lost half of the most important thing any kid can ever have before your life has even begun.

Your dad died racing his bike in a stupid weekend crit. And you want to know why, and no one’s been able to explain. How can anyone explain something as senseless and pointless as dying in a weekend bike race, chasing the glory of a candy bar prime and twenty-five bucks in prize money?

Why we race

Before I try…

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Surf City CBR #3 race report

Critin’ Ain’t Easy!: SurfCity Crit

Sunday at 4am I was up and ready for the drive down to Costa Mesa for a CBR event. Local bike shop Surf City Cyclery was the main sponsor for the event.

Jim Pappe picked me up at 430am and we were off and driving. Arriving at the race around 730am we proceeded to register for our races.

Jim’s first race was at 830am, and Jim was on the trainer getting warm. I went for a spin to the Bank for $, forgot to grab anything other than my card when I left. Fellow local cyclist and All Around Great Guy, Mike Merrotta was also racing the 60+ race, he won his class of course:)

I raced the 35+ 1-3 at 1150am, followed by the Cat 3s at 1245pm. I got all pinned up, with the 35+ # pinned on my skin suite and my cat 3# pinned on my jersey for an easy transition.

35+ had, amongst others, Phill T(former Nat Champ, Team Monster Media), Mike Easter(current Crit Mat Champ 35+, Time Factory) and Rudy Napolitano(current road Nat Champ 35+, Time Factory team)….. So it was going to be a fast race….

Off we went, and within a lap or two we were flying. Like a fool, I jumped on the back of a Mike Easter break, and about died… I went a little to deep a bit to soon. I let go after 2 laps, and the break was caught shortly after. I went back to finding my rhythm in the pack and saw the friendly face of Emily Georgeson, Cat 2 racer for Team Helen’s, such a BOSS.

I tried a couple of times to follow Rudy but no one was letting him or Mike go anywhere. I never heard any lap calls as we started our “bell lap”. That tells you how out of it I was, I rolled through with Emily. Phil won by half a wheel.

As I finished the lap, I had to get up to the line for the Cat 3s race. Jim found me on the line, and gave me my Jersey & off we went.

Coming off the 35+ flogging, this seemed like a walk in the park.. Did a bunch of work, couldn’t get a break to stay away. Heard 5 laps togo, and was ready for the final! This is were I screwed up, I thought I heard, “preem lap” two to go, SRAM Red shifters for the next person to cross the line, two to go…..

In my mind, this was it, go for the Preem and see how it works out. My thought was, either I would get the Shifters or be in a good finishing spot. I buried it through corner #4 and was overtaken just before the line… Ok, I’m in great position for the last lap(or what I thought was the last lap)… Between corner 1 and 2 there was a head wind, and no one wanted to push. So to the front about four of us went, through corner #2 to corner #3 we pushed.. As I came out of corner #3 I moved into the lead, with a guy from Team Orange behind me. Bout 3/4 of the way down the back straight, the Orange Team guy shouts, “it now or never man, it’s now or never!!!!”, in convinced, I buried it through corner #4, reaching so so deep I was scraping the bottom of my soul for anything… I could see someone’s shadow on my wheel and I gave it one more push to the line, “hands on the bars” was going through my mind.. As I passed through the start/finish line for what I had thought was a win, I heard “bell lap”………..

I put my hand overt head, and through up down the front straight, watched the pack slow and flatten out and disappear… I finished last….. It was a classic dumb ass move, I wish all of you could have seen my dumb ass;)

All in all, it is just Bike Riding and I had a great day with a good friend and earned a lot of respect from the SoCal Crit boys….

So as an added bonus I was able to get a look at my data on this race, and despite stewing the pooch, I was laying down some great numbers. Set a KOM on the sprint section w/ 8 guys on the day and had the seventh fastest single lap. Sprints were 5-600+ at the end of the 1:50 min of 27+ mph. All the hard work does pay off…. Now if I can only learn how to use it!

Zac the dork:)













Pay it forward man!!!!! aka “do you know Tyler Williams?”


Tyler in the middle at age 14.

Gareth, Myself, Bill, Chris, Tyler & Billy Foster.

My blog this week has a bit of my blabbering and some good writing from a USA Cycling piece on our DEVO kids in Europe.

My focus for this entry is on a larger scale, Youth Cycling in Kern, but specifically Tyler Williams. A Shafter California resident, Tyler is home schooled thru Valley Oaks Charter School, and has just finished his Junior year.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to The Williams family around four years ago by a local bike shop mechanic George Magarel. Mike Williams, Tyler’s dad, had been watching his son race mini’s, go carts and midget cars with great success since he was 5 years old. Mike had begun to noticed Tyler’s attention to Road Biking & particularly the Tour de France, had begun to grow to the point of emulating the ride times per day on an old mountain bike. Tyler would head out the oil field roads around his house and try to simulate the ride times… Mike and his wife Kathy both wanted to see Tyler pursue his passion in his field of choice, however the desire and decision were going to have to be his.

After an initial meeting with Tyler and his Parents, I agreed to go for a ride with him and Mike, see how the kids was. Accompanied by our friend George we headed out of the City limits and started a nice gradual grade that goes on for a few miles.

Slowly I would wick it up until Tyler would pop, and slow down and repeat…. The boy never complained….. always had a smile……. a good sign of things to come.

Mike asked me what I thought about his “ability” as he had been extremely successful in Auto racing, concerned about the cost of switching gears if only a whim. I told him that I could only tell him this…. “he takes an beating & comes back smiling;)”

Sooo anyhow, fast forward to last year, 2011 race season. Tyler joins Team Swift and starts crushing the fields….. See attached race results for 2011-2012 at bottom of Blog, but they include a 1st at Valley of the Sun Stage Race RR stage 1 & 3rd on GC, a 1st in the San Dimas Stage Race Crit & 4th on GC, a 1st at the Memorial Day Crit, 1st at the SCNCA District RR Championships Cat 3’s, & a 1st at the Taleo Criterium… all in three consecutive weekends. Tyler went to Europe last season with some success, the following in a USACyling account of the racing……………………….

Billy, Ryan, Zac, Gareth & Tyler.


“Alex Darville was the runner-up in the fourth stage of the Grand Prix Rüebliland. (Photos by Billy Innes)

A group of junior riders contested the Grand Prix Rüebliland, a four-stage UCI 2.1-inscripted junior event in Lenzburg, Switzerland. In the final results, the U.S. team compiled a pair of single-stage individual podium appearances en route to finishing third in the team general classification. Additionally, Tyler Williams (Shafter, Calif./All Sport-Team Swift) tied for third in the Sprint Classification and placed fourth in the King of the Mountains Classification while Alex Darville (Santa Barbara, Calif./Echelon Santa Barbara) finished eighth in the Points Classification.

Darville also posted the contingent’s best result, finishing second in the 111-kilometer fourth stage. Alexey Vermeulen (Pinckney, Mich./ProChain-Team Turner) also earned a spot on the podium, placing third in the 82.8-kilometer second stage.

Alexey Vermeulen finished third in the second stage of the Grand Prix Rüebliland.(Photos by Billy Innes)

In the race’s first stage, Daniel Eaton (Mesa, Ariz./Strada Racing Club) put himself in a move that gained more than three minutes on the field. Eaton finished the day in 6th place and Darville was 17th.

Saturday morning’s second stage was fast paced from the start. A group of six riders, including Vermeulen, got away and built a lead approaching one minute. As the breakaway approached the last five kilometers of the stage, the margin disintegrated. Vermeulen sprinted for third place while Darville finished in 12th.

As a team, the USA Cycling riders used Saturday afternoon’s 9.8-kilometer time trial to vault into third place in the team general classification. Colby Wait-Molyneux (Vancouver, Wash./Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing Team) finished sixth and Darville was 15th.

Sunday’s 111-kilometer queen stage marked the fourth and final stage of the competition. The stage featured a category 1 climb and four circuits that included a category 2 climb. Williams, who experienced some unlucky mechanical issues early in the race, broke away with three Swiss riders to start off stage four. The breakaway helped Williams earn points as he crested the category 1 climb first, crossed an intermediate sprint first and placed second on the first circuit’s category 2 climb. Gradually, the peloton caught the breakaway, resulting in a field sprint to the finish line in which Darville took second.”


Tyler after the first go at SCNCA Jr’s Champs in San Ardo Ca.

Today Tyler is racing for Team Swift(Jr development) as a Cat 2 with results in 2012 such as, 1st & 2nd’s at events like Sea Otter, Tyler was invited to race for the USACjr’s in the Tour Pays de Vaud in Aigle, Switzerland in late May early June. He has since returned to the USA from this Great adventure with the task of winning a National Title still at hand. This coming Thursday June 21st Tyler will vie for the USACyling Jr 17-18 Titles in the Road Race, Time Trial & Criterium events, GOOD LUCK TYLER!!

The Following is an account of the Great success Tyler and his team mates achieved at the Pays de Vaud in Aigle, Switzerland!!

Devo Wrap: Eisenhart Pays off with win in Switzerland

The USA Cycling National Development Program once again topped the podium at a juniors race, this time in Switzerland, while the U23 and mountain bike riders also posted strong results across Europe.


The USA Cycling contingent displaying two of the jerseys from Pays de Vaud. (Photo by Billy Innes)

T.J. Eisenhart‘s (Lehi, Utah/Velosport Racing) win in Pays de Vaud in Aigle, Switzerland was the best result of the week of races contested by the USA Cycling National Development Program. The four-day stage race is held very close to the Union Cycliste Internationale. Eisenhart’s win puts his name alongside previous winners of this race, such as: Fabian Cancellara, Tejay van Gardaren and Taylor Phinney.

In addition to Eisenhart’s topping the general classification, Tyler Williams (Shafter, Calif./Team Swift) topped the points classification.

Eisenhart, who placed third in the opening prologue, just in front of his teammate Alex Darville (Santa Barbara, Calif./Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing Team), went on to dominate the stage race. He won stage 1, launching an attack from the break he was in with Williams and decimating the final few climbs with a solo effort to gain more than one minute on his closest competitors.

Eisenhart inherited the leaders jersey as well as the King of the Mountain jersey, and Williams placed the green points jersey on his shoulders by winning all the intermediate sprints. Eisenhart then followed up his stage 1 victory with another, winning stage 2a, padding his advantage by riding smartly with teammate Greg Daniel (Englewood, Colo./Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development), who placed fifth on the stage, in a break that lasted until the final climb. In the time trial (stage 2b) Eisenhart placed fourth, one of only eight riders to finish in under 18 minutes and making his cushion 2:46 on his closest competitor, last year’s winner Peter Mathisen (DEN).

The final stage saw the USA Cycling contingent put on a selfless and classy display of teamwork, dictating the race tempo just after a three-man break that Noah Williams (Wimberley, Texas/Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development) had marked for 30 kilometers was caught. On a rolling and difficult course, Darville, Tyler Williams and Joyce put enough tempo in at the front of the pack to discourage any attacking. Daniel then took over on the steeper climbs, shepherding Eisenhart as well as solidifying his fifth place overall.

Eisenhart ended up in the final selection, but with nothing more to gain he just sat on his rivals and rolled to the overall win.

Tyler Takes 2nd @ Chico Crit 09′

Well that’s all I got for now,



Race Results for Tyler Williams
Racing Age 18 from Shafter, CA
04/29/2012 – Panoche Valley Road Race | Road Race | Pro/Cat 1/2 | |
9 319.54 Tyler Williams 294531 9 Team Swift
04/28/2012 – Wente Vineyards Classic Road Race and Criterium | Road Race | | |
20 203.64 Tyler Williams 294531 47 Team Swift
04/21/2012 – 2012 Sea Otter Classic – Road | Road Race | Junior | | 17-18
2 226.36 Tyler WILLIAMS 294531 Team Swift
04/20/2012 – 2012 Sea Otter Classic – Road | Circuit Race | Junior | | 17-18
2 199.14 Tyler WILLIAMS 294531 1:27:40 1748 Team Swift
04/07/2012 – Copperopolis Road Race | Road Race | Cat 1/2 | |
DNP Tyler Williams 294531 57 Team Swift
04/01/2012 – Topsport Stage Race | Stage Race | Cat 1/2 | |
6 Tyler Williams 294531 05:22:07.0 969 Team Swift
04/01/2012 – Topsport Stage Race | Time Trial | Pro/Cat 1/2 | |
9 314.57 Tyler Williams 294531 00:26:14.0 969 Team Swift
04/01/2012 – Topsport Stage Race | Criterium | Cat 1/2 | |
25 241.74 Tyler Williams 294531 1:29:48.0 969 Team Swift
03/31/2012 – Topsport Stage Race | Road Race | Pro/Cat 1/2 | |
7 172.88 Tyler Williams 294531 03:26:05.0 969 Team Swift
03/16/2012 – San Dimas Stage Race | Individual Time Trial | Junior | | 17-18
DNS Tyler Williams 294531 849 Team Swift
12/11/2011 – Hart Park Cyclocross #1 | Cyclo-cross | Cat 3/4 | Senior |
1 362.53 Tyler Williams 294531 45:30.2 265 Team Swift
07/04/2011 – Davis 4th of July Criterium | Criterium | Pro/Cat 1/2 | |
DNP Tyler Williams 294531 00:00.0 66 All Sport-Team Swift
06/26/2011 – 2011 USA Cycling Juniors U23 Elite Road Nationals | Road Race | | Junior | 17-18
71 286.97 Tyler Williams 294531 2:23:20 330 All Sport-Team Swift
06/24/2011 – 2011 USA Cycling Juniors U23 Elite Road Nationals | Criterium | | Junior | 17-18
12 256.30 Tyler Williams 294531 1:14:16 330 All Sport-Team Swift
06/12/2011 – Taleo Criterium | Criterium | | |
1 204.90 Tyler Williams 294531 344 All Sport-Team Swift
06/05/2011 – GEC/District Road Race Championships | Road Race | | |
1 256.36 Tyler Williams 294531 578 All Sport-Team Swift
05/30/2011 – Memorial Day Criterium | Criterium | | |
1 176.20 Tyler Williams 294531 330 All Sport-Team Swift
05/29/2011 – Mt Hamilton Classic | Road Race | | |
3 323.71 Tyler Williams 294531 00:00.0 348 All Sport-Team Swift
05/28/2011 – Bicycles Plus / Sierra Nevada May Crit | Criterium | | |
2 212.07 Tyler Williams 294531 931 All Sport-Team Swift
05/15/2011 – Bike Bakersfield DownTown Crit | Criterium | | |
4 301.20 Tyler Williams 294531 614 All Sport-Team Swift
05/15/2011 – Bike Bakersfield DownTown Crit | Criterium | | |
9 284.23 Tyler Williams 294531 520 All Sport-Team Swift
05/14/2011 – Mikes Bikes Cats Hill Classic | Criterium | | Junior | 17-18
2 192.68 Tyler Williams 294531 00:00.0 870 All Sport-Team Swift
05/14/2011 – Mikes Bikes Cats Hill Classic | Criterium | | Open |
8 249.22 Tyler Williams 294531 00:00.0 355 All Sport-Team Swift
04/09/2011 – Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race | Road Race | | |
2 265.72 Tyler Williams 294531 All Sport-Team Swift
03/27/2011 – San Dimas Stage Race | Criterium | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
1 213.05 Tyler Williams 294531 0:26:25 836 All Sport-Team Swift
03/27/2011 – San Dimas Stage Race | Stage Race | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
4 Tyler Williams 294531 2:41:19 836 All Sport-Team Swift
03/26/2011 – San Dimas Stage Race | Road Race | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
3 314.23 Tyler Williams 294531 1:59:28 836 All Sport-Team Swift
03/25/2011 – San Dimas Stage Race | Individual Time Trial | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
7 367.36 Tyler Williams 294531 15:43.2 836 All Sport-Team Swift
03/13/2011 – Madera County Stage Race | Road Race | | |
4 326.96 Tyler Williams 294531 2:02:00 200 All Sport-Team Swift
03/13/2011 – Madera County Stage Race | Stage Race | | |
39 Tyler Williams 294531 3:29:55.9 200 All Sport-Team Swift
03/12/2011 – Madera County Stage Race | Time Trial | | |
30 478.27 Tyler Williams 294531 24:11.87 200 All Sport-Team Swift
03/12/2011 – Madera County Stage Race | Criterium | | |
67 482.71 Tyler Williams 294531 1:03:44 200 All Sport-Team Swift
03/06/2011 – Merco Cycling Classic | Road Race | | |
3 343.25 Tyler Williams 294531 01:20.0 579 All Sport-Team Swift
02/26/2011 – Snelling Road Race | Road Race | | |
2 355.78 Tyler Williams 294531 00:00.0 396 All Sport-Team Swift
02/13/2011 – Valley of the Sun Stage Race | Stage Race | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
3 Tyler Williams 294531 Team Swift
02/13/2011 – Valley of the Sun Stage Race | Criterium | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
11 193.89 Tyler Williams 294531 Team Swift
02/12/2011 – Valley of the Sun Stage Race | Road Race | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
1 214.41 Tyler Williams 294531 Team Swift
02/11/2011 – Valley of the Sun Stage Race | Individual Time Trial | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
15 390.83 Tyler Williams 294531 Team Swift
02/06/2011 – Cherry Pie Criterium | Criterium | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
1 216.82 Tyler Williams 294531 0 174 All Sport Team Swift
02/06/2011 – Cherry Pie Criterium | Criterium | | |
1 233.97 Tyler Williams 294531 0 356 All Sport Team Swift
01/30/2011 – Mothballs Criterium 2011 | Criterium | Cat 1/2/3/4/5 | Junior | 17-18
3 302.29 Tyler Williams 294531 All Sport-Team Swift
01/30/2011 – Mothballs Criterium 2011 | Criterium | | |
8 330.84 Tyler Williams 294531 All Sport-Team Swift

June 2nd & 3rd SCNCA Jr’s, Elite’s & Masters Road Race Championships Bakersfield Ca.

June 2nd & 3rd SCNCA District Championships:

Saturday was the Jr Road Race Championships as well as a handful of non-championship races.

Christina Fuentes, Kenyon Pape, Charlie and Parker Rous all took part in the Jr Races. Christina took home an SCNCA State/District Jr Women’s 16-17 Championship. Christina is an Honors student as well and it is great to see her hard work pay off for her! Charlie Rous was 8th in the 12.5 mile 10-12’s & Parker was 11th on the 25mile 13-14’s!! All finished, not sure of all of the places, but from the smile on their faces, I’d say they had fun!

Many other local cyclist through their leg over the bike on Saturday to take on Event Promoter Sam Ames Championship course. I dont have all the placings and names yet, but you know who you are;)

I raced the 30+ cat 3/4/5’s that started at 10am and did two laps(50miles). David R, Adam H, Carl C, Mike N, Gareth F, & Fast Freddie Prado were all in attendance.

It was a hot one when I left my house riding to the race, and I could already feel the heat picking up. The day before had cracked the 100 degree mark for the first time this year, and it was looking at hitting the mid to high 90’s.

Arriving, I registered and attempted to get ready & with help from a friend I was pinned up(my #) and ready to go. I have been racing allot more(this is my 1st road race of the year) MTN Bikes this year, so I only have a single water bootle cage on my Road Bike. As such I took 2 smaller bottles, and managed to not grab any gels or food.

10am and off our group went, approximately 30 of us on our skinny tired bicycles. Down towards the Slaughter House we go, fairly civilized, with some nervous chatter. Starting the Beana climb it was casual as could be for the first 5 min. or so, with a head wind we approached the long bend towards the top. At this point some small attacks we made, and a large attack from Gareth came in response. This attack was pushed over the Beana Rd summit and through the first two decent’s on the Caliente Rd. this managed to shake things down to ten riders at the first turnaround.

Around the cones and back out of the Cal/Bodfish road we went. The first set of climbs was ladened with attacks, that resulted in a few riders 10 seconds off now and then, with the group pulling them back one by one. I managed to drop my chain at the second to the last “bump”, but stayed calm got off and fixed it. I made it back to the group by the top of that section, and up the next bump with the group.

Onto the decent and out to the flats we went, attacks galore on the road to the end of lap one. Up the short hill, we were maybe 9 now, around the cone and back towards the Slaughter House we went.

This second lap was brutal, the run in to the Beana climb was riddled with attacks after attacks, resulting in one or two getting nowhere, yet….

Up the Beana climb, fairly tame with David setting tempo, and a small group of two just 10 seconds in front. Down into Caliente we went, around the cones at the turn around and back up that first ruff climb.. Man it was getting hot, & it was down to Freddie, David, Gareth and myself as we started the climb out, & I was out of water..

As we came out Freddie and another rider got a gap, it looked harmless… Maybe 16 seconds, last I heard…

Adam came off somewhere after the first climb out of Caliente and I was not long after him. I could no longer mentally hold on to the group as we made the last push out of the “hole”… I was passed by the referee whom was being driven by Richard P…. I must thank Richard for the water he left at the neutral aid station… I was dead!

Up the road Freddie was holding his gap with his breakaway partner. Gareth & David were with two others whom seemed unable or unwilling to chase. Attacks were made and it was down to David, Gareth and the guy whom had attacked on the flats over and over. In there desire to make the race David & Gareth attempt to get the other rider to work with them, at which he responds, “that’s my friend up the road, & I’m not chasing”….. Gareth made a jump and David hung with the other rider…

Up the road, our own Fast Freddie Prado managed to drop his breakaway partner and take a glorious, glorious win!!!

A deserving winner Mr Prado is, gracious and humble, the mark of a true champion. Gareth got 3rd, and a great race he road, David was 5th, also a great ride, I rolled in at 7th with Adam in 9th, Mike Noel and Carl Crawford also road exceptionally.

As I road home, I dreamed of eating food and drinking cold things….. So I rode by Luigis and had a soda;)

Day Two: SCNCA Elite & Masters Championships

Again I chose to ride to the ride, and I could tell it was a hair cooler outside… A hair..

My Cat 3 race was at 10:45, with David & Adam racing again, and Greg Riggins also in attendance.

The Cat 3 race was 3 laps of the course, totaling 75 miles & approximately 6k’ of climbing.

In comparison to the previous day, our group was around 50+ strong. Off we went on our “three hour tour”!

The pace was manageable and tame for the first two laps with a small group of six getting some time up the third climb. Greg was in the group as it broke apart we pick up the straggles. Side note I was ready to quit on the last climb up Beana, leg cramps in the right thigh were taking to me… But I pushed on..

Down to the last turn around we went, I was second around the cones, when the Moto ref let the group know that the leader had 2min and the next group was 1min up the road. Out of the hole we climbed, onto the Beana decent we went, catching what we thought was the lead group at the bottom of the decent… David attacked maybe 6-8 times to try to get a group free, but the approximately 40 man pack was having nothing to do with that. Across the last bridge towards the last climb to the finish the group charged. Up the road a young man whom had asked the Rous family for assistance in feeding had crossed the line for the Solo win, however (a) no one seemed to be aware &(b) it didn’t matter for the Champs, he was from North Carolina….

The final was a wash for me as I did know North Carolina was up the road(no I didnt know he was from NC till after) and had been pinched towards the center line. Adam and David sprinted around me for 10&11th as I got 25th.

The real story was going on in the Cat 4 Road Race, as the man, the myth, and the legend Fast Freddie Prado had completed his sweep of the weekends medals. Never a more deserving winner than Mr Prado, alway a gentlemen, Congrats to him!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Keathly also crushed it with a 2nd place Saturday in the CAT 3’S and a 6th Sunday in the CAT 1-3’s, way to go Kimmy!!

For me it’s all about the ride inside, and man I has a GREAT time!

My weekend ride/race totals were like, 8 hours and aprox 160miles. I am satisfied with that, hope you all had a great weekend!



Zachary A Griffin
Multi-Modal Coordinator

Kern Active Transportation
Consulting & Public Relations